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055-567-8171 кто звонит?

Читайте комментарии ниже, чтобы определить, кто звонит с номера 0555678171.

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received calls from this number, but nobody talks


My last 6 month bills are occupied with this number but when I tried to call, the response is "we are facing technical difficulties". DOUBTFUL , for sure will report it!


This is a spam.Du has to answer.Has stollen my timings.


I have the same number on my bill too. Please if someone has an answer share it with us.


I called DU 155 this morning and they mentioned nothing to worry it was the voice mail number and it was a free service (No charge or no time deducted) I hope they are right.




I found this number in my bill as well. And it has used all my free minutes. Do i need to report it to the police. Because du is just hopeless and they said since the number is not registred with them they cant do anything.


I have the same issue,Mariam do you still facing it, what did you do?


0555678171 What is this number? Pls help me.


Same here, about 70 call of a few seconds to a min every month in my Du bill...


Check your call Forwrd setting you must see this number is updated. Remove the number.


Even Its coming in my bill. I dont know who is this person. I call du team and they cant see that under who"s name is this number. I am thinking o report in Dubai Police.


My bill was extensively high, when i checked my detailed bill i see this number continuously dialed. This number is no way related to me. I called DU to complain assuming its a scam or technical glitch, DU did not have an answer and their service is .. Читать далее »